Destroy Depression

I read a lot. And I’ve read many fantastic books. One of those fantastic books is this one: “Destroy Depression” by James Gordon. 

Here’s some of what the author promises the book will accomplish:

  • “Take full control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions so you can banish any depression in your life forever
  • Free yourself from your negative thoughts and your feelings of self-blame
  • Reclaim power over your mind, your thoughts and your life
  • End your suffering from depression once and for all”

If you go to the website I’ve linked below, the first thing you’re likely to see is the message: “Your depression has been in control long enough. It’s time to fight back.” 

In the book, he discusses why anti-depressants aren’t particularly effective, as well as alternative, natural methods of restoring balance in your life. He discusses CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) techniques, which is invaluable knowledge if it’s not something you’re familiar with already. He also discusses the importance of sleep, exercise, and diet, in relation to your mood. Lastly, he discusses the effect of sunlight on our mood, how helping others improves our mood, and how to set out to get the life you’ve always wanted. 

“Depression sufferer of over 20 years reveals his simple 7-step system that gives you the power to destroy your depression, end your feelings of sadness and hopelessness, and get your life back.”

One of the reviews, by a woman name Elen, says:

“This didn’t just change my life, it saved my life.”

“Depression had such a stranglehold over my mind that I was driven to attempt suicide four times. Destroy Depression helped me get beyond the depression symptoms that were holding me hostage. Today, I’m teaching online yoga classes, building a garden in my backyard and spending time at the lake with my dog, Eddie. Having my depression symptoms evaporate after a lifetime of struggle has been amazing.”

Here’s an elaboration on the author’s claims:

  • “Take full control over your thoughts, feelings and emotions so you can banish any depression in your life forever
  • Free yourself from your negative thoughts and your feelings of self-blame
  • Reclaim power over your mind, your thoughts and your life
  • End your suffering from depression once and for all”

He also talks about the link between depression and suicide, the root causes of depression, why a lot of conventional therapies often don’t work, and simple methods of tackling your depression and getting rid of it for good. And that’s one of his big themes. He doesn’t believe in simply covering up depression, and he states that anti-depressants do just that. He believes not in managing depression but in curing it.

He lists some of the symptoms of depression so people can see if that’s what they’re experiencing, such as fatigue, lack of motivation, negative thoughts and feelings, restlessness and irritability, and more. If you are experiencing these and other symptoms consistently over a long period of time, it’s possible that you’re experiencing depression, but only a professional can make that diagnosis.

And another part of this that’s amazing is that a lot of other books come with your order, for free! Here’s what you get for free:

  • A CBT Workbook 
  • A Goal-setting Workshop Book
  • A Book on a Depression-free Diet

All for free! So you get four books in total. 

For more information, click below and then follow the link at the bottom of the page:

Destroy Depression



Many obese people struggle in losing off the extra weight on their bodies. No matter what they do, it just doesn’t seem to work. If you are frustrated, you can consider joing a medical weight loss management program to boost weight loss. The following are 5 benefits of medical weight loss management program.

  1. Receive Supervision from Medical Professionals

When you join a medical weight loss program, your weight loss journey will be monitored by certified medical professionals. The professionals at the medical Dallas weight loss clinic will supervise your diet and exercise. Monitoring from the doctors can give you motivation to continue the plan. When you eat wrong, the doctor will give you advice on how to rectify it.

They also have personal trainer that will train you how to perform various types of physical activities to prevent injuries. You can keep coming back to the clinic to ask questions and seek assistance as you carry out the weight loss plan. Some of the medical professionals that work in creating the weight loss plan are physician, dietician, and fitness trainer.

  1. Access all Your Prescriptions

With a medical weight loss program, you will get access to all the prescription medications you need without having to personally purchase them from the local pharmacy. The medications that are supplied through the program are FDA approved. Only medically based weight loss center can provide safe weight loss prescriptions. Prescriptions can help you to boost your weight loss when the diet and exercise is not contributing enough to help you lose the amount of weight you want.

  1. Customized Medical Weight Loss Plan

Medical weight loss program can be customized to fit your needs. The professional will create a custom plan for you to follow. The plan provides all the instruction you need to achieve your ideal weight. Before the doctor create a plan, he will ask you a few questions about your lifestyle. He will review your medical history and perform a full body checkup to determine your weight, and overall health status. The goals that are set in your plan will be specific to your needs. Changes can be made as you make progress in following through the weight loss plan.

  1. Long Term Success

Medical weight loss clinic can offer long term success for patients who want to overcome obesity. The newest fad on fat loss diet often promise fast result but the participants always gain back their weight soon after. In the weekly weight loss meetings, you will get tutoring on different types of lifestyle skills to cope with the personal issues that are affecting your weight gain. So, as you can see, not only do you lose your weight to the ideal level during the program length; but you also gain new tools and skills that can assist you in maintaining your slim body shape.

  1. Avoid Weight Loss Surgery

Going to see a doctor in a medical weight loss management clinic allows you to avoid weight loss surgery. Weight loss surgery such as gastric banding, and bypass need a long time for recovery and can cause complications. In the short term, you will face with complications such as wound infections, and difficulties in breathing. In the long term, you will find yourself having long term complications such as nausea, hernias in the area of surgery, and diarrhea.…

Trauma and emergency responders are on the front lines of everyday disasters, minor and great, providing the initial access to transport and care that preserves lives. As a result, rope rescuers must be trained to deploy smoothly, by the numbers and with minimal to no hiccups. That’s why the training at Texas Rope Rescue is so important. Lives depend on it.

Rope Rescue Scenarios and Training

Rope rescue is an art form unto itself. Texas Rope Rescue uses new equipment and new techniques to help trainees grasp an array of techniques. The techniques, once mastered, give trainees the confidence and wherewithal to perform complicated and varied rope rescue training models, such as rescue from heights training.

Texas Rope Rescue supports trainees through the learning process with scenario-based training. Scenario-based training lets learners integrate real world skills into real workplace emergencies in real time. Trainees learn to manage tricky rope rescue via rescue from heights training and confined space rescue. Texas Rope Rescue also targets general and/or specific rescue and safety training to your company’s requirements.

Types of Rope Rescue From Heights Training

Any emergency that can transpire well above ground is an potential episode in which rescue from heights training is both vital and lifesaving. Texas Rope Rescue offers an assortment of rescue from heights training, such as Fall Protection, Dam Rescue, Tower Rescue and Over the Wall Rescue. Special classes also address OSHA training and Technical Rescue NFPA.

Designated responders within your company who take rope rescue training ensures you always have an in-house team that is trained, knowledgeable, equipped and ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. An in-house team can mean the difference between minimal damage versus unnecessary casualties. Rope rescue training also builds team relationships and gives team members a new, valuable skill set to take pride in.

Texas Rope Rescue has previously worked with Fortune 500 companies like 3M, Texas Department of Health, Valero, Sierra Club and Coca-Cola. Their proven track record indicates that rope rescue training is applicable to nearly any corporate workplace model and essential to the overall health and safety of any company culture.…